Sheep Placenta - 60 Capsules

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Each bottle contains 60 pills.




Sheep Placenta

Placenta, is considered to be one of the most profound substance full of rich nutrients that support skin health and general health and wellbeing. The Chinese have used Placenta for many years primarily as an anti-aging supplement. A pure and natural way to rejuvenate your body’s cells. Supports skin elasticity and healthy cell growth leading to a general youthful appearance.

Sheep Placenta is nature’s gift to a clear and healthy skin

Our Sheep Placenta capsules, have been fortified with Vitamin E & C, Zinc, Collagen, and Grape seed extract, which work synergisticly together to get you the most benefits from the capsules.

The usual dose for adults is 2 capsules at the start of each day, with a glass of water.


Each capsule contains 500mg of concentrated placenta powder equal to 25000mg of fresh placenta.

Other ingredients - Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Collagen, Zinc, Grape seed extract and Gelatine capsule.