Graviola Max (Mountain Graviola) - A Rainforest Sensation

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Each bottle contains 120 capsules.




Graviola Max (Mountain Graviola) - A Rainforest Sensation

What is the difference between Graviola and Graviola Max?

Graviola Max combines graviola and mountain graviola, more commonly called mountain soursop. Graviola (Annona muricata) is a tree found in the rainforests of South America, Africa and Southeast Asia. Mountain soursop (Annona montana) is a similar tree that grows in Central America and the Caribbean islands. Although the two trees look alike and are classified in the same family, they comprise different chemical compositions. Graviola Max contains 50 percent each of these two supplements to provide a host of benefits.

Mountain Graviola

New and powerful acetogenin chemicals have been discovered in Mountain Graviola (Annona montana) which scientists report have the same dynamic actions as those found in regular Graviola. Different research groups have indicated dramatic benefits of graviola.

The graviola tree contains 82 acetogenin chemicals. The mountain graviola tree has 108 acetogenin chemicals.

Our Graviola Max is 100% sustainably wild-harvested or organically grown in the Amazon rainforest. Our Graviola has been ecologically harvested using indigenous tribes and local communities in the rainforest. This provides a morally and ecologically balanced frame-work to support their need for income and our need for the important botanical resources of the rainforest.

Suggested Use

Take 3 capsules 3-4 times or as directed by a healthcare professional.


Not to be used during pregnancy or breast-feeding.
People with low blood pressure should monitor their blood pressure accordingly.
If you are using Graviola for longer than 30 days, it is suggested that probiotics (acidophilus and/or bifidium in yoghurt or capsule form) and digestive enzymes may be beneficial to maintain healthy intestinal balance.

Drug Interactions

None have been reported; however, based on animal studies, graviola may potentiate antihypertensive and cardiac depressant drugs.


A pure blend of graviola leaf and stem (Annona muricata), and mountain graviola leaf and stem (Annona montana). No binders, fillers, or additives are used—just 100% pure plants, rich in the naturally occurring plant chemicals that these plants are regarded for.

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