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Featured Products

Camu Camu Amazon Vitamin C

Camu Camu Amazon Vitamin C This extraordinary fruit lives deep in the Amazon rainforests of South America and packs an amazing nutrient density.


Cats Claw 500mg

Cat's Claw Capsules - Inner Vine Bark (Uncaria tomentosa). For the support of the body’s natural ability to manage immune responses to tissue stress.


Tongkat Ali

Tongkat Ali 1:200 is one of the most expensive herbals around, for a good reason. Tongkat ali roots take some 20 years to reach a stage of full potency.



The Bazooka supplement is America's No.1 Penis health pill on the market. A powerful and yet simple way to support penis growth and maximize your sexual performance.


Essiac Tea Tincture

The Essiac formula actually originated with an "Ojibwa Indian medicine man." He called the herbal mix "The holy drink that would purify the body and put you back in balance with the great spirit".


Maca 500mg

Maca Root is celebrated for enhancing energy and strength, providing stamina and supporting mental clarity, and supporting libido, sexual function and fertility in both sexes.